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Budgeting as a Tool for Planning and Control free essay sample

A budget is one of your best tools for reaching your goals – whatever your age or stage in life. It’s a plan of what money you expect to receive and how you expect to spend it. * Who should have a budget? * How to make a budget * Use the money planner * Things you need * Getting help * Tracking your spending * Making the most of your income Who should have a budget? Tip: A tight budget is harder to stick to. Be realistic. Everyone can benefit from a budget. It’s not just for people who are having trouble making ends meet. If you’re spending less than you earn, use your budget to work out how much you can put aside each pay to improve your financial position. We call this ‘paying yourself first’. If you’re spending more than you earn, use your budget to see where your money is going. We will write a custom essay sample on Budgeting as a Tool for Planning and Control or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Then see if there are any ways you can cut your spending or increase your income. Rick and Heather Mawby The Mawby family makes sure their money goes a long way. Read more Back to top How to make a budget Add up how much money is coming into your household (your income), and how much is going out (your spending), then work out the difference. The result is either money left over (a surplus) or not enough money to cover your spending (a deficit). Aim for a surplus so you have some money to save for your goals or pay off debt faster. Back to top Use the money planner Making a budget is easy with our money planner. Once you’ve set your budget you can save it in My Sorted to review later. You can save more than one budget and even share it with friends and family. The NZ Federation of Family Budgeting Services also has a free budget worksheet you can download. Back to top Things you need Your budget needs to be accurate or it won’t work. Give yourself time to get all the information you’ll need, including: * A record of your day-to-day spending. Keep receipts from your shopping, and gather up bank statements and bills from the last three months. These will show regular expenses like rent, mortgage, hire purchase, credit cards, phone, power and insurance. * A list of annual costs. Think about things you pay for less regularly like vehicle licensing, medical expenses, gifts and holidays. * Your income details. A list of any money you get such as your pay, benefits or allowances, NZ Super or interest earned on savings. * Savings. Details of any regular savings you make. Back to top Getting help If you need help making a budget, or if you are having trouble making ends meet, contact a budget adviser. Back to top Tracking your spending Once you’ve set a budget you need to see how it’s working in reality. Keep a spending diary or use an online tool. Find out more about money tracking. Back to top Making the most of your income Budgeting isn’t just about watching your spending. How much you earn also affects whether you have money left over for saving or paying off debt. Why you need to grow your income If your income doesnt grow you’ll effectively earn less each year just because of inflation. So when youre planning your finances, dont forget to include goals for growing your income. Know what you’re worth Do you know what someone in your position with your experience and skills should be earning? Does your employer? To find out what youre worth, read the situations vacant in your local paper or check out the online job sites. You could even contact some recruitment agencies to find out what a similar job to yours is currently paying. You can also find broad salary information for different types of jobs on the Careers New Zealand website.

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The effects of trauma on patients and counselors

Trauma is an emotional reaction to a terrible event like rape, earthquake, floods, and accidents among others (Schein, 2006). Traumatic events can be divided into three major subdivisions; man-made disasters, natural disasters, and violence, crime, and terrorism (Schein, 2006).Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on The effects of trauma on patients and counselors specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This research paper will discuss the effects of trauma on patients and counselors. Traumatic events such as earthquake and rape shall also be discussed in this research paper. Earthquake is a natural disaster that has claimed many lives including the recent 2011 Japan earthquake. Earthquake causes destruction of properties, displacement of people, and deaths. Earthquake causes human suffering and devastation among the directly affected individuals. On the hand, rape is a form of violence and a form of psychological tra uma (Baum and Contrada, 2009). In most cases, rape victims incur disturbance of emotions, physical, cognitive, and interpersonal characteristics (Schein, 2006). Rape victims experience Rape Trauma Syndrome (RTS), which occurs immediately and months or years after the event (Baum and Contrada, 2009). Generally, traumatic events have major heath effects to the directly and indirectly affected people. However, how we process emotions after such traumatic events is distinctive to different people. Most victims develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder especially when they loose family members or friends. Indirectly affected people face acute stress after reading or watching traumatic events on the television and newspapers. Children are most affected because they develop phobias (Schein, 2006). In case natural disaster like floods or earthquake, the survivors may have distressing dreams while children become excessively frightened. Individuals have illusions, hallucinations, and they exper ience flashbacks (Baum and Contrada, 2009).Advertising Looking for research paper on psychology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The victims are unable to have loving feelings, they feel detached from others, and they experience a sense of foreshortened future because they do not have ambitions any more (Schein, 2006). Some of the most persistent symptoms may occur and the victims cannot concentrate, become angry, and experience sleepless nights (Baum and Contrada, 2009). At this point, a counselor may help the victim to overcome the traumatic event. Counselors play the following role. First, counselors make the victims recollect the traumatic events by providing an environment for the victim to share their experience in an honest manner and this is the first step towards healing (Thompson, 2003). Secondly, counselors help the survivor to make decisions about their future based on past and present situation. The counselor also helps the victim to interpret what they are going through since it is the counselor’s responsibility to clarify what the survivor is experiencing without interrogating the victim (Thompson, 2003). As such, a counselor must give the victim time to rest to enable recollection of thoughts. Finally, counselors provide an appropriate solution concerning the traumatic event. In case of an earthquake, the counselor helps the victim to understand that the event did not happen because of their fault (Thompson, 2003). The survivors of the earthquake have to understand that they still have a bright future. The counselors also assist the victim to acquire an emergency shelter in case of displacement. Moreover, the counselor helps the victims come to terms with losing their loved ones by creating an environment to grieve. In addition, the counselor helps the victims to accept what has happened to them in order to start a new life. In case of rape, the counselor should explain to the vict im that they did not do anything to warrant what happened. As such, the counselor helps the victim understand that not all men are going to rape them. This will help the victim to trust other men.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on The effects of trauma on patients and counselors specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Massive disasters such as floods and tsunami cause vicarious reaction (Schein, 2006). The victims of such events experience anxiety and depression among other emotions including shock, anger, nightmares, grief, and confusion. In such as situation, the victims should go to seek counseling services. Notably, after and during counseling session most counselors experience secondary traumas such as anger, stress and other post-traumatic stress (Thompson, 2003). According to Thompson (2003), counselors with large numbers of victims experience disrupted beliefs and work related stress. Generally, counselo rs who work with survivors of traumas have increased chances of experiencing change in the psychological functioning (Thompson, 2003). The counselors may experience horrors, guilt, rage, grief, and may even lead to burnout (Pearlman and MacIan, 1995). At some point, the relationship between the counselor and victim may be affected. Due to secondary traumas, the counselors may say things that the victim may not be ready to hear. To overcome secondary traumas, the counselors should do the following. Counselors should attend seminars to be educated concerning potential dangers of dealing with victims of trauma events (Pearlman and MacIan, 1995). Secondly, affected counselors should go for training on the signs of secondary traumatic stress and treatment techniques (Thompson, 2003). To solve this, special training should be offered to counselors on how to avoid secondary traumatic stress and other related symptoms. It is also important to educate the student counselors on the nature of their job and potential dangers before they become counselors. In summary, traumatic events have adverse effects to both the client and the counselor. To reduce such cases advanced training is required to all counselors enable them help primary victim and become aware of their emotional state to help in dealing with secondary stress (Pearlman and MacIan, 1995).Advertising Looking for research paper on psychology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Reference List Baum, A., Contrada, R. (2009). The Handbook of Stress Science: Biology,  Psychology, and Health. New York: Springer Publishing Company. Pearlman, L., MacIan, P. (1995). Vicarious traumatization: An empirical study of the   effects of trauma work on trauma therapists. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 26, 558-565. Schein, L. (2006). Psychological effects of catastrophic disasters: group  approaches to treatment. New York: Routledge. Thompson, R. (2003). Counseling techniques: improving relationships with others,  ourselves, our families, and our environment. Philadelphia: Psychology Press. This research paper on The effects of trauma on patients and counselors was written and submitted by user Kaleb E. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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How to Withdraw from a Class

How to Withdraw from a Class While you know how to register for classes, knowing how to withdraw from a class can be a little more challenging. After all, your school probably didnt go over how to drop a class during orientation week; everyone is too busy planning and preparing for the start of a new semester. Sometimes, however, your awesome start-of-the-semester plans dont work out and you need to drop one or more classes. So just where do you begin? Talk to Your Academic Adviser Talking with your academic adviser is an absolute necessity, so start there. Be prepared, however; your adviser will likely want to ask you a few questions about why youre dropping and, if applicable, talk about whether or not you should drop the class. If you both decide that dropping the course is the best option, however, your adviser will have to sign off on your forms and approve the decision. He or she can also help you plan out how youre going to make up the course content and/or units that youll need to graduate. Talk to Your Professor You likely cant just drop the class without talking to the professor (even if theyre a bad one) or at least the TA. They are accountable for your progress in the class and for turning in your final grade at the end of the semester. Make an appointment or stop in during office hours to let your professor and/or TA know that youre dropping the class. If youve already talked to your academic adviser, the conversation should go pretty smoothly- and quickly. And given that youll likely need your professors signature on a form or approval to drop, this step is a requirement as well as a courtesy. Head to the Registrar's Office Even if your academic adviser and your professor know that youre going to drop the class, you have to officially let your college know. Even if you can do everything online, check in with your registrar to make sure you have submitted everything they need and that youve submitted it on time. Additionally, follow-up to make sure everything goes through okay. While you may have submitted your materials, they may not have received them for whatever reason. You dont want your withdrawal to turn into a ​fail on your transcript, and its much easier to confirm now that your drop went through okay than it is to correct things in several months when you realize an error was made. Tie up Any Loose Ends Make sure to let any lab partners know that youve dropped the class, for example. Similarly, return any equipment you may have checked out and remove yourself from the list of students who have a music rehearsal space reserved on a rotation basis. You dont want to needlessly be using resources that other students need or, even worse, be charged for their use when you dont need them any longer.

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Killing Us Softly 4 - movie review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Killing Us Softly 4 - movie review - Essay Example According to Hook, black women positively responded to Sapphire film which negated black female representation by showing how frustrated and violent black women are as well as terming black women as bitches? Interestingly, the black females instead responded to the movie by saying that it exactly portrayed what their characters and behavior are (Hooks 120-121) Women tend to copy perfection shown on the advertisements yet these flawless are not real and cannot be achieved by the advertisers themselves. Advantages portray models as people with slim perfect look hence making the audience to try to lose weight and gain smooth skin just like the image seen in the advertisement. It is interesting to note that failure for the audience to achieve or resemble the image of the celebrity is treated as let down (Kilbourne Film). The message Kilbourne communicates is that no matter how much we try to idolize other people, we can never be perfect at all. Women should just accept their normal looks without imitating others. Advertisement and the media do not show us reality and this is even evident when the celebrities portrayed as beautiful also dispute the media imaging. There is no photograph of a woman that is not photo shopped and beauty is depicted by a white ideal that includes light skin and straight hair (Kilbourne Film). Advertisements normally dismember women bodies by focusing only one part of the body such as breast, unlike men whose bodies are not scrutinized and criticized.